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Thank you for electing me as one of the councillors
for the South Ward on Melksham Town Council on 6th May 2021, for a four year term.

I intend to stick, after the election, to what I said before the election ... THIS is campaign website at

My "Councillor" website will be at You'll find a copy of the campaign website there initially, but over coming weeks and months it will change to reflect things as they develop. These changes will be nothing like as fast-moving as the election campaign was; we all now have to settle down to doing the job for which we were (s)elected.

Latest diary article - 10.5.2021 - Full Town results. Thank you for voting me in.
My final pre-election Zoom session concluded. Now elected, further but less frequent sessions will be set up.

Graham Ellis - Links

Links in this page:
From my leaflet
Previous writings from "The Horse's Mouth" Blog
Other links
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Some other pages on this site:
Home page and • Launch page
Graham Ellis - background and • views
Graham Ellis - diary and • diary index
Philosophies of working as a town councillor
The Role of the Town Council and Councillors
How YOU can help and • Contact me
Links to other web sites and • pictures

From my leaflet ...

I write "And I have been actively involved in various organisations, past and present" and here they are:


• Melksham Rail User Group, vice chair at
Station friends group at Melksham Station, also promoting train and bus travel

• Coffee Shop forum, webmaster at
Great Western Passenger forum - trains and public transport across the South West

• Option 24/7, committee member at
Looking to improve the effectiveness of our bus network. Big bus changes in the next 2 years

• TravelWatch SouthWest, board member at
Co-ordination of public transport groups across the South West of England

• The Well House Collection at
A "Museum for Melksham" though we really need something in the town centre

• West Wilts Rail User Group, committee at
Rail User Group for Bradford-on-Avon, Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster and Melksham

• Well House Consultants Ltd, director at and
My IT training business and our Melksham Hotel. Still doing a couple of contact jobs!


Links and web sited for the following have moved on since my time with the organisation:
• Shadow Campus Operations Board (notes at
• Chamber of Commerce, President (notes at
• Save the Train, founder (retired page at
• Railfuture, director
• TransWilts CIC, board member (early notes at href=
• TransWilts CIC, Community Rail Officer
• Bath Bus User’s Panel, member

Previous writings from "The Horse's Mouth" Blog

I wrote some 4,500 articles on my Blog - "The Horse's mouth" in the 10 years up to 2017. Many of them remain relevant to this day - here are some categories you might like to follow:

on Politics and Religion
on Buses in Wiltshire
on Cycling and Walking
on Current Affairs
on the Chamber of Commerce
on the TransWilts CRP
on other organisations
on Melksham Campus
8 years back - introduction to Melksham

Social Media and feedback opportunities

Facebook - campaign page
Twitter - campaign account
Facebook - personal page
Great Western Coffee Shop forum - my latest posts

Other links of interest

the old front page from this site

Thank you for voting Graham Ellis onto Melksham Town Council

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