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Thank you for electing me as one of the councillors
for the South Ward on Melksham Town Council on 6th May 2021, for a four year term.

I intend to stick, after the election, to what I said before the election ... THIS is campaign website at

My "Councillor" website will be at You'll find a copy of the campaign website there initially, but over coming weeks and months it will change to reflect things as they develop. These changes will be nothing like as fast-moving as the election campaign was; we all now have to settle down to doing the job for which we were (s)elected.

Latest diary article - 10.5.2021 - Full Town results. Thank you for voting me in.
My final pre-election Zoom session concluded. Now elected, further but less frequent sessions will be set up.

Contacts and Links

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But am I the right person to contact?
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Home page and • Launch page
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Graham Ellis - diary and • diary index
Philosophies of working as a town councillor
The Role of the Town Council and Councillors
How YOU can help and • Contact me
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I can be reached easily and best via email, Facebook, phone or the contact form below. Occasionally I tweet, and you may see me in the street, but I am not on Instagram or Tinder.

Starting on 10th April, and every 4 days until the election, I'll be online via Zoom (links will be here) at 18:30 to chat / answer any general questions you may have, talk about myself and my vision for Melksham. That's in addition to "Tuesday Club" for public transport friends, and "Bus Back Better" on 19th. More in the form of a surgery / fireside chat than a presentation - love to see you there

Contact me

You are also welcome to contact me via Facebook / Messenger, email or phone
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Phone - 01225 708225 or 07974 925928
Email -
Facebook - @graham4melksham
Twitter - @graham4melksham
Happy to meet subject to legal and safety restrictions - but best to set up ahead of time

But am I the right person to contact?

With so many levels of government, it's hard to know whom to contact about what. Here are some other people who may be able to help

Other councillors for the same (Melksham South) Ward*
The Town Hall team01225 704187
Your Wiltshire Unitary Councillor*
The Wiltshire Council team0300 456 0100
Your Member of ParliamentMichelle Donelan
* - Vacancy - for election on 6th May 2021

Thank you for voting Graham Ellis onto Melksham Town Council

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